law house Latest Version APK for Android

law house download
law house download

question & answer. law house is offered by Ahmet Delikanlı. Last Updated: April 25, 2013. Current Version: 0.1

The house has been converted into Law Question and Answer Site and Users Need Live Support Team as soon as possible and unnecessary problems with the Quick Response System Response Caller Comprehensive Solution Focused Law As soon as the girl Site.

What’s New

Live Support Team powered ..


law house 2017

Download law house APK for Android

law house 0.1 screenshot

law house screenshot 0law house screenshot 1law house screenshot 2law house screenshot 3

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Tap’n’swipe (beta) Latest Version APK for Android

download Tap'n'swipe (beta) apk
download Tap’n’swipe (beta) apk

Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices. Tap’n’swipe (beta) is offered by Step2U. Last Updated: April 25, 2013. Current Version: 0.00.06

Tap’n’swipe is a new kind of keyboard for your Android device. It features an easy combination of taps and swipes that help you type faster in vertical or horizontal situations.

Just tap if you want to type the central character, or tap and swipe in any available direction (N S W E) to get the corresponding character or symbol.

Before using you’ll have to activate it at Settings >> Locale and text.

This is a BETA version that will stand for few weeks, so we would greatly appreciate your comments and suggestions.

It has been tested in many different devices.

If you want to use it, go to settings / Locale&Text, and activate Tap’n’Swipe option. Then, long press on any text box, and select “Input Method”. Select “Tap’n’swipe”, and voilà!

Latest Updates

After receiving some bad reports, it’s been especially tested on a wide range of HTC devices, working properly in all of them!


Tap’n’swipe (beta) 2017

Download Tap’n’swipe (beta) for Android

Download Tap’n’swipe (beta) APK for Android

Tap’n’swipe (beta) 0.00.06 screenshot

Tap'n'swipe (beta) screenshot 0Tap'n'swipe (beta) screenshot 1

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SmartQ Reader Latest Version APK for Android

SmartQ Reader apk
SmartQ Reader apk

Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices. SmartQ Reader is offered by SmartDevices. Last Updated: April 25, 2013. Current Version: 7.3.2_build04221742

More than just a PDF reader
Organize, Annotate, Share for free!

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Installation of another APK is NO LONGER required! It’s all about historical compatibility issues with devices running Android 2.2. Unfortunately we got quite a few one star comments for this 😦

The awesome SmartQ Reader provides you the fastest PDF viewer ever. With it you can easily access your PDF documents from almost any Android devices. Reading experience has also been greatly optimized for modern phones and tablets. Annotation, page cropping and sharing are not only useful and convenient but also bring you lots of fun. The built-in file manager helps you organize your documents, and sync them safely over the internet.

The ultimate goal for us is to build a powerful PDF Reader, professional, yet user friendly. We are working really hard to make it better and better. Plus, SmartQ Reader is, and will always be, FREE for anyone to use.

Compatible with the latest PDF standard
– The fastest PDF viewer with the best rendering quality.
– Full page zooming without mosaic blocks.
– Open links, view outline, add or delete a bookmark, no problem.
– Search any keywords you are interested.
– Comments are easy to made, just draw or type whatever you like.
– All Comments can be viewed seamlessly with any compatible viewer.

Powerful yet convenient to play with
– Select text to copy, highlight, search, translate, share, and many more.
– Black and white, classical and inverted display, the best eye candies ever.
– Sharing is fun. Draw on the screen to select your favourite contents, send over email or weibo, there you go.
– White blank margins are annoying, try cropping tools, it can help a lot.
– Navigation has never been easier. Next page, previous page, with four-way control all you need just one single tap.

Organize your documents, sync safely
– Shelf view, list view, a built-in file browser. You can always locate your document very quickly.
– Too many documents in your storage? Categorize them by simply “drag and drop”.
– Syncing by Kingsoft service is just as easy as operating a local file within categories.
– We also provide a simple privacy control. You can lock a category for unauthorized access.
– Using the integrated search feature, you can search local documents and resources from internet.

Platform support:
Most devices running Android 2.3+, 3.0+, 4.0+. However, Phones with x-small screen (320×480 or less) are not yet fully supported.

Language support:
We currently support only English and Chinese Simplified. Please let us know if you have language request other than these two. We are pleased to provide a translated version.

It’s our first official publish on Google Play. The Customer Service is currently only available in mainland China. Please understand that our English Services are yet limited for the moment and we are doing our best to improve it.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us or use the built-in feedback feature, Thanks!

What’s New

1. Annotation features including:

– Full support of Square/Circle/Line/Arrow/Ink/FreeText/Text;

– Styles support color, line width, transparency;

– Editing/deleting selected annotation;

– Toolbox has been redesigned;

– Annotations are saved instantly upon changes.

2. Unlimited bookmarks.

3. Compatible with high-resolution devices, i.e. Nexus 10.

4. Support larger zooming of pages (experimental).

5. Provide an option to control page flipping.

6. Major bug fixes and tweaks.


SmartQ Reader 2017

Download SmartQ Reader for Android

Download SmartQ Reader APK for Android

SmartQ Reader 7.3.2_build04221742 screenshot

SmartQ Reader screenshot 0SmartQ Reader screenshot 1SmartQ Reader screenshot 2SmartQ Reader screenshot 3SmartQ Reader screenshot 4SmartQ Reader screenshot 5SmartQ Reader screenshot 6

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noodles – To Do List Latest Version APK for Android

noodles - To Do List apk
noodles – To Do List apk

An awesome minimalist todo list featuring a beautiful intuitive user interface. noodles – To Do List is offered by makeramen. Last Updated: April 25, 2013. Current Version: 3.0.8

Simple and flexible task list manager for your:
To Do List
Shopping List
Groceries List
Goal Planning
Quick Notes
and anything else you need lists for

* First todo list with extensive drag and drop support
* You can also drag and drop lists by dragging on the numbers
* Special Today and Tomorrow lists to manage items
* Gesture based operation (swipe to cross)
* Designed to be quick and unintrusive
* Backup/Restore to SD Card
* Multiple sorting options (alphabetical, priority, crossed)
* A brand new Today widget!

Today/Tomorrow Lists
* Tap the bullet point to set an item to Today or Tomorrow lists.
* Every day at midnight, items in the Tomorrow list will be moved to Today.
* Today and Tomorrow lists are optional (turn off in preferences menu)

Future plans:
Better sharing options and hopefully web sync/backup!

Contact me if you want to help with localization/translations!

What’s New

v3.0.6, 3.0.7, 3.0.8



Fix bug that wouldn’t let you delete/rename certain lists when today/tomorrow lists are disabled.


Fix force close on long-press of new lists.

Copy/paste works again on older devices.


Fix some weird back button behavior and animations.


Bugfixes and new animations 😀


New Holo UI. Requires Android 2.1+.


Possible fix for backup/restore corruption issues with HTC devices


noodles – To Do List 2017

Download noodles – To Do List APK

noodles – To Do List for Android

Download noodles – To Do List for Android

Download noodles – To Do List APK for Android

noodles – To Do List 3.0.8 screenshot

noodles - To Do List screenshot 0noodles - To Do List screenshot 1noodles - To Do List screenshot 2noodles - To Do List screenshot 3noodles - To Do List screenshot 4

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Write in the Cloud Latest Version APK for Android

Write in the Cloud apk
Write in the Cloud apk

Write is a convenient place to write things down that you need to remember. Write in the Cloud is offered by Last Updated: April 25, 2013. Current Version: 1.0.3

Write in the cloud is a convenient place to write things down that you need to remember. It’s that very basic sheet of paper that you reach out for when you need to write something down to look up later.

Write in the cloud stores all your files safely in the cloud. It is based on very simple .txt files so you can also edit them using every other editor you like – no special apps required. If you are on your computer, just use a traditional text editor to open and modify them.

Use the built in copy&paste functions of Android to make the most use out of Write for Android! You can select text passages, cut, copy and paste.

Dropbox Access is required to use this app. It stores all notes inside the “Apps/write” folder.

Latest Updates


– added long press on action bar items

– loading indicator for text editor when files are loading

– Create new file automatically shows the Keyboard in the editor

– when opening the last file the cursor will be set to the end for editing

– added IAP to remove ads

– removed some unnecessary libs -> file size got smaller!

thanks to all the early users for their feedback!


Write in the Cloud 2017

Download Write in the Cloud for Android

Download Write in the Cloud APK for Android

Write in the Cloud 1.0.3 screenshot

Write in the Cloud screenshot 0Write in the Cloud screenshot 1Write in the Cloud screenshot 2Write in the Cloud screenshot 3Write in the Cloud screenshot 4Write in the Cloud screenshot 5Write in the Cloud screenshot 6Write in the Cloud screenshot 7Write in the Cloud screenshot 8Write in the Cloud screenshot 9Write in the Cloud screenshot 10

See more information:

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Notepads for PDF Editors Latest Version APK for Android

download Notepads for PDF Editors apk
download Notepads for PDF Editors apk

Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices. Notepads for PDF Editors is offered by Kratos Digital Limited. Last Updated: April 25, 2013. Current Version: 1.0

“Notepads for PDF Editors” is a must have for everyone using any PDF editing App (such as Pro Annotator, Quickoffice Pro, ezPDF & eStudyMate etc^). “Notepads for PDF Editors” unleashes the full productivity & potential use of your favorite PDF editing and annotator Apps! Turning your favorite PDF editing App into a versatile idea pad, log book, sketch pad etc.

“Notepads for PDF Editors” provides you unlimited supply of brand new notepads for you to use right on your favorite PDF editing Apps .

Sometimes you need a pile of graph papers to plot or sketch graphs using your PDF editing apps. Sometimes you may need some math papers to do some quick CAD sketches. Simply pick a notepad of your desired paper type from “Notepads for PDF Editors” and it will instantly generate a brand new PDF notepad ready for your use on your favorite PDF editing apps!

To make your PDF editing App as versatile as possible, you have choices of notepads in:

– graph paper
– math paper
– single line papers in white
– single line papers in yellow
– clear paper
– single page or bundled pack of 10 pages, 20 pages or 40 pages for each type of paper
– cover page on every multipage notepad

“Notepads for PDF Editors” help you combine digital convenience with traditional intuitiveness. For instance, instead of saving all unrelated notes together, you can now dedicate a notepad of, say, 40 blank pages for each particular course, subject or project – just like the way we used to do with real notepads in a much organized way. Or how about a pdf notepad of 20 pages particularly for day dreams at times and another one just for casual paper game fun?

Don’t let your powerful PDF editing Apps sit there just for annotating other existing pdf documents. Get “Notepads for PDF Editors” and you will be surprised how much more you could actually utilize your favorite PDF editing Apps to it’s full potential!


Notepads for PDF Editors 2017

Notepads for PDF Editors 1.0 screenshot

Notepads for PDF Editors screenshot 0Notepads for PDF Editors screenshot 1Notepads for PDF Editors screenshot 2Notepads for PDF Editors screenshot 3Notepads for PDF Editors screenshot 4Notepads for PDF Editors screenshot 5Notepads for PDF Editors screenshot 6Notepads for PDF Editors screenshot 7

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ロンドン日本代表選手名辞書 Latest Version APK for Android

download ロンドン日本代表選手名辞書 apk
download ロンドン日本代表選手名辞書 apk

When used together with ATOK, words that can be converted is added, the input will be easier. ロンドン日本代表選手名辞書 is offered by JustSystems Corporation. Last Updated: April 25, 2013. Current Version: 1.0.2

London Japan national team name dictionary
The name of the Japan national team who played in London has been recorded.

and ATOK Extended Dictionary
When used together with ATOK, words that can be converted is added, the input will be easier.
Number of expansion dictionary that can be used in ATOK body is as follows.

· ATOK for Android: 10 pieces
· ATOK for Android Passport version: 10
· ATOK for Android au Smart Pass version: 10
· ATOK for Android docomo Sugo obtained content version: 10
· ATOK for Android medical dictionary set: 10
· ATOK for Android trial: two
· ATOK for Android medical dictionary set trial: two

※ ATOK that are pre-installed, you can not use ATOK for Android in [Professional].
※ It does not work with ATOK extended dictionary alone.

◆ use the ATOK Extended Dictionary
• Configuring ATOK [ATOK cloud services – and then select Add from the list] – [ATOK Extended Dictionary].
· If you do not want to use a dictionary, from the menu to open Long tap in (press and hold) the dictionary name in the list, and then select Delete.

operating environment and compatible models


Latest Updates




ロンドン日本代表選手名辞書 2017

ロンドン日本代表選手名辞書 1.0.2 screenshot

ロンドン日本代表選手名辞書 screenshot 0ロンドン日本代表選手名辞書 screenshot 1ロンドン日本代表選手名辞書 screenshot 2ロンドン日本代表選手名辞書 screenshot 3

Detail information:

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