Weekly tasks Latest Version APK for Android

Weekly tasks apk
Weekly tasks apk

Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices. Weekly tasks is offered by Sfc. Last Updated: April 16, 2013. Current Version: 1.0

Unique and thus very simple tasks manager.

It supports tasks list which should be done periodically, not less than several times during the period.
You won’t need necessity to set the date for each task completion. The main thing is that a task should be done in certain time during the period (day, week, month, year)
After period has passed all tasks will be automatically carried over to the new period.
Typical tasks
• To control – gym at least 3 times a week?
• To remind – have you visited your parents at least 2 times a month?
• To notify to go to a dentist at least two times a year.

If you face the necessity to make a list of your periodical tasks in your everyday life– this simple and convenient program will help you.

Google tasks synchronization – next version.

The application does not contain advertising!


Weekly tasks 2017

Download Weekly tasks for Android

Download Weekly tasks APK for Android

Weekly tasks 1.0 screenshot

Weekly tasks screenshot 0Weekly tasks screenshot 1Weekly tasks screenshot 2

Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/Ra1fzv

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Memo Taker Latest Version APK for Android

download Memo Taker apk
download Memo Taker apk

Note Taker. Memo Taker is offered by Rajesh Dhoundiyal. Last Updated: April 16, 2013. Current Version: 1.0

This is a simple note taking application, build with Phonegap + HTML5 + CSS3


Memo Taker 2017

Download Memo Taker

Download Memo Taker APK

Memo Taker for Android

Download Memo Taker for Android

Download Memo Taker APK for Android

Memo Taker 1.0 screenshot

Memo Taker screenshot 0Memo Taker screenshot 1

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Dialer Latest Version APK for Android

download Dialer apk
download Dialer apk

Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices. Dialer is offered by QuesCom. Last Updated: April 16, 2013. Current Version: 1.1

Dialer enables RadeoCom One Number benefits on your Android phone:

Cost savings
All calls to foreign countries are charged from your corporate telephony system instead of directly from your mobile phone.

One Number & multi-ring
You call with your mobile phone but you display your office number. When you are called both your office phone and your mobile phone ring at the same time.

Private / business selection
Depending on who I call I choose to display my mobile number or my office number.

Dialer works with a RadeoCom telecom server connected to your company PBX, please contact us for more info sales@radeocom.com


Dialer 2017

Download Dialer APK

Dialer for Android

Download Dialer for Android

Download Dialer APK for Android

Dialer 1.1 screenshot

Dialer screenshot 0Dialer screenshot 1

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CamScanner for Nakabayashi Latest Version APK for Android

CamScanner for Nakabayashi apk
CamScanner for Nakabayashi apk

Scan app world downloads most, smartphone is transformed into a scanner! Taking the document in the smartphone, convert to PDF crisp instantly. CamScanner for Nakabayashi is offered by INTSIG. Last Updated: April 16, 2013. Current Version:

Scanner app of mobile phone in the world largest number of downloads, CamScanner was in collaboration with Nakabayashi stationery manufacturer! ! !
The data management in smart further by using the stationery of Nakabayashi Co., Ltd.!
The “Nakabayashi × CamScanner” stationery series, please buy goods in Nakabayashi dealer nearest.

* More than 40 million users worldwide favorite!
* Smartphone scanner apps worldwide Downloads Most
* “Software development company in the world the highest level” – Google
* “CamScanner more readable document in a special image processing technology” – Makeuseof.com
* “CamScanner the scanner apps best mobile phone definitely” – CNET.com

The best quality, professional and the best, It supports useful features to the highest, CamScanner transformed into a facsimile scanner and tablet and your mobile phone!
It is far superior to other products by the special core technology the world’s most advanced.
* Removed extra background to recognize the edges of the document in the automatic
* Beautify the image of the document, convert the document easier to read

Support the model number support, Nexus, Droid, Desire, etc. of the system of Android2.2 or more

CamScanner for Nakabayashi: there is advertising, watermark “Generated by CamScannner” is placed in the PDF created.

Feature Description:

※※ features of ※※ For Nakabayashi
Has the following characteristics: Camscanner app made for Nakabayashi.
● image adjustment
I have to be able to save the document data in a natural color with less contrast.
● title is easy to see
The list screen of the document, so the monkey displayed at the top or export title, was easier to find documents mercenary.

* Quickly scan a document that was captured by the camera of a mobile phone
* Removed extra background recognizes the edge of the document in the automatic
* By Adjust the brightness and color, and to beautify the picture, clear scan the document
* Continuous scan in a batch process
* The scan multi-page documents

* Add a customized tag, and manage documents from the tag, search
* Set the browsing mode, View the document in thumbnail or list
* Quick Search from the title
* Support copy of the document, move, and integration

* Backup, synchronization possible at any time the document in the cloud
* Synchronize documents across platforms and multiple devices
* Sync automatically fix Domyumento with new document

* Customize, preview, create (memo dated Allowed) standard PDF in a variety of industries
* (Size choice of 10 or more) customize, preview, create a PDF of various sizes

* The fax to the countries and regions of about 30 documents
* Send the document by e-mail
* Support for upload Google Drive, Dropbox, Box.com, to Evernote
* Save to photo gallery of mobile phone document

* Restore to a backup of the documents in the SD card
* Confidential document also protected by a password

Use scene:
* Business Man: Scan agreement, files, receipts, coupons, a flight from the outside on the road. Send scanned documents by e-mail or fax.
* Student Teachers: Scan notes, blackboard, curriculum, documents, PPT. The search for a document enter a keyword.
* People who like painting without an artist designers, cartoonists and also: Save to shoot manuscript design, prototype of the cartoon, ideas and inspiration.
* Traveler: Scan passport, driver’s license, ID cards, travel planning, luggage list, map, travel techniques. The carry, even without Internet!
* Parents: Scan specification manual, utility costs, passbook, bank cards, membership cards, cookbooks, organize thoughts and classified and tagged. Save the life of those …… Memorial to scan homework children, graffiti, also full marks answer

Once we liked CamScanner, or If you have any comments, for your time a little, please contact us to asupport@intsig.com or your evaluation of CamScanner. We will make efforts so that you can experience the great features of many further cooperation to the improvement of the product.

Available advice:
Since the time of our products you are using, get a better effect:
* Recognition accuracy also increases correspondingly image if clear. “In a bright place, please shoot with little camera shake as much as possible”
* Recognition accuracy also increases the more the image is large. The “image, please to be displayed on the display larger when to shoot.”

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Applications of our other:

CamCard business card recognition management
* Business card management application that elite businessmen of more than 30 million people worldwide use!
* “CamCard number one business card recognition app!” – New York “Times
* “Save the sales information in an instant, app required sales representative” – ​​Inc.
* High-performance business card recognition management application in the standard of smartphone terminal on


CamScanner for Nakabayashi 2017

CamScanner for Nakabayashi for Android

Download CamScanner for Nakabayashi for Android

Download CamScanner for Nakabayashi APK for Android

CamScanner for Nakabayashi screenshot

CamScanner for Nakabayashi screenshot 0CamScanner for Nakabayashi screenshot 1CamScanner for Nakabayashi screenshot 2CamScanner for Nakabayashi screenshot 3CamScanner for Nakabayashi screenshot 4CamScanner for Nakabayashi screenshot 5CamScanner for Nakabayashi screenshot 6CamScanner for Nakabayashi screenshot 7

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GoalsOnTrack Latest Version APK for Android

GoalsOnTrack apk
GoalsOnTrack apk

Goal Setting Software That Works!Track goals, tasks, habits, and time… GoalsOnTrack is offered by Vancouver IT Services, Inc.. Last Updated: April 16, 2013. Current Version: 1.01

✶ The Android app version of GoalsOnTrack requires an active subscription account at GoalsOnTrack.com.

GoalsOnTrack is a smart goal setting and personal development application that helps you set and track goals, manage tasks, track time, build habits and keep a goal journal. It offers a comprehensive set of tools to guide you through a successful goal achieving process, from setting goals, creating action plans, tracking progress, to forming habits and keeping goal journals and finally reaching your goals.

Key features of GoalsOnTrack:

● Create SMART goals to ensure your goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.

● Chunk it Down – break long, complex, overwhelming goals into small, manageable sub goals to chunk it down and stop procrastination

● Real time progress tracking features allow you to view instant progress on your goals whenever you complete a task.

● Setup your tasks for your goals, and see them automatically organized by goals, categories, and days

● Track how long you spend on tasks accurately and effortlessly, using animated and offline time trackers no matter where you complete the task.

● Habit Tracker tool to help you reach goals quicker.

● Tracking your habits is as simple as placing check-marks on habits tracker calendar tool.
● Automatically track your habit strength and days to form.

● Goal journal tool to write down what you did for your goals, how you did it, and what lessons you learned.

Here are some sample goals to use GoalsOnTrack for your personal and professional life:

● Start my own business
● Build our own beach house
● Travel around the world
● Become more enlightened
● Grow my net worth to $1 Million dollars

✶ This version of GoalsOnTrack requires an active subscription account at GoalsOnTrack.com.

What’s New

Version 1.01 – Fixed bug in not responding Delete buttons for some Android devices.


GoalsOnTrack 2017

Download GoalsOnTrack APK

GoalsOnTrack for Android

Download GoalsOnTrack for Android

Download GoalsOnTrack APK for Android

GoalsOnTrack 1.01 screenshot

GoalsOnTrack screenshot 0GoalsOnTrack screenshot 1GoalsOnTrack screenshot 2GoalsOnTrack screenshot 3GoalsOnTrack screenshot 4GoalsOnTrack screenshot 5

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Signal Calc – Setting up wireless links? You'll need this app.

Signal Calc

Setting up wireless links? You'll need this app.

Signal Calc screenshot 0Signal Calc screenshot 1

Signal Calculator is a simple app for free space signal loss calculations. It’s useful for setting up wireless links.

This app calculates loss of power over distance (assuming no Fresnel Effect and nothing in the way). This a very idealised calculation and in practice everything interferes with the signal but it will give you a reasonable approximation of the actual loss over distance.

See more information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/1Xwpvj

Daily Scrum Timer – Helps to keep the daily scrum meeting in time.

Daily Scrum Timer

Helps to keep the daily scrum meeting in time.

Daily Scrum Timer screenshot 0Daily Scrum Timer screenshot 1Daily Scrum Timer screenshot 2

The very simple Daily Scrum Timer helps to maintain the daily scrum meetings within the 15 minutes.
All times can be adapted by using the menu before the timer is started.
Pass the mobile phone around during the meeting.

See detail information: https://goo.gl/7zppFb