Fast Time Calculator! Latest Version APK for Android

download Fast Time Calculator! apk
download Fast Time Calculator! apk

Quickly calculate time differences!. Fast Time Calculator! is offered by Paul David Santana. Last Updated: April 02, 2013. Current Version: 1.5

Allows you to easily, quickly, and accurately calculate the difference between two times. And now with the ability to calculate two times simultaneously and have a daily total — very useful for calculating timesheets FAST!

Fast Time Difference Calculator Hours Minutes Decimal Paul David Santana

Latest Updates


• Feature request from Mark: Long press on a button to reset time individually!


• Saves times when exiting/re-entering app and rotating screen.

• Added a “Now” button to reset all times to now.


• New and improved “Holo” (Sherlock.Light) theme!.

• Calculate two times at once! With a daily total as well; useful for before and after lunch times.

• Moved usage and author info to Help & About screen, keeping the main screen clean and clear!


Fast Time Calculator! 2017

Fast Time Calculator! 1.5 screenshot

Fast Time Calculator! screenshot 0Fast Time Calculator! screenshot 1Fast Time Calculator! screenshot 2

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Secret Agent: Typing Game Latest Version APK for Android

Secret Agent: Typing Game apk
Secret Agent: Typing Game apk

Welcome, Agent. We need you to learn Typing. Secret Agent: Typing Game is offered by Overpass Apps : Super-Human Apps and Games. Last Updated: April 02, 2013. Current Version: 1.0

A free and exciting typing game for your mobile device. Learn to type quicker with your thumbs with our awesome new typing tutor.

Mission Brief:


Welcome, Agent.

Let me welcome you to the top secret school for international agents. We train the best and brightest here. We’re glad you made it.

You are here because we need you to learn to type on this mobile device. There will be situations in the field where you have to infiltrate enemy bases and hack into their networks using a mobile device. We can’t have you hunting and pecking for keys. We’ll make sure you learn how to type properly at this school. Work hard and don’t let us down.

This school is tough, and not everyone makes it through, but we’ll help you as much as we can.

We’ve laid out some challenges for you at this school to help you learn.

You learn the to type on the shooting range. Each letter or word rises in your sites, and you must shoot them before they get away. Let too many get away and you fail the level. Shoot them all, and you unlock the next level.

You’ll start off simple with single letters. You can then graduate up to larger words, numbers, or special characters. Some levels are case sensitive and other are not.

These missions use your native keyboard. We cannot predict how easy or difficult it would be– it all depends on your device. It’s just like when you are in the field . . . we won’t be able to help you.

This may be difficult for you at first, young agent, but don’t despair. We’ve all been in the situation you are in right now.

Good luck.


Secret Agent: Typing Game 2017

Secret Agent: Typing Game 1.0 screenshot

Secret Agent: Typing Game screenshot 0Secret Agent: Typing Game screenshot 1Secret Agent: Typing Game screenshot 2Secret Agent: Typing Game screenshot 3

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Countdown for SmartWatch Latest Version APK for Android

Countdown for SmartWatch apk
Countdown for SmartWatch apk

Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices. Countdown for SmartWatch is offered by Hugo Visser. Last Updated: April 02, 2013. Current Version: 1.1

A minimalistic and beautiful count down timer for Sony SmartWatch.

Easy to control on your SmartWatch: Swipe to enter the time in minutes and seconds. Tap the digits to add a single minute or second, swipe again and press to start the or stop the timer.

Once the time is up, the watch wake up and will vibrate.

Since at any moment only one SmartWatch app can be active, you should not exit the app while the counter is active. You can still switch to the time display on the watch while the app is running.

Please contact me by email if you have questions or feature requests. I can’t respond in the comments.

Note: This application will not be shown in your phone application screen. Access application settings via LiveWare™ manager, where you can also enable or disable this application.
LiveWare™ extension for SmartWatch

Feedback is very much appreciated, but please use email to contact me.

Latest Updates

Fixes too large text issue, that occured on some phones like the Xperia Z


Countdown for SmartWatch 2017

Download Countdown for SmartWatch APK

Countdown for SmartWatch for Android

Download Countdown for SmartWatch for Android

Download Countdown for SmartWatch APK for Android

Countdown for SmartWatch 1.1 screenshot

Countdown for SmartWatch screenshot 0Countdown for SmartWatch screenshot 1Countdown for SmartWatch screenshot 2

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:

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Asistente Empleo Latest Version APK for Android

Asistente Empleo download
Asistente Empleo download

An application that will help find a job, maintain contacts and read advice. Asistente Empleo is offered by Golgorz. Last Updated: April 02, 2013. Current Version: 1.10

An application that will help all persons seeking employment or wanting to be informed and prepared to search.
Inforín this little friend will accompany you throughout the process Assistant all you can.

Different tools encompassing offers the user a lot of options to help todoso the steps in the job search.


Curriculum Vitae: The user can log in with your user Infojobs and see the most important content of your resume: Personal data, studies, professional experience and curriculum text. In the first three paragraphs can edit the content and add new content, so you can always keep up to date education, experience and personal information are the most important points of a curriculum. The curriculum text can share with a menu option and send as text by the different possibilities of your phone.

Tips: What everyone should know to maximize their potential, showing different types of advice, from how to prepare the interviews and how to act and dress up as things do. It will also feature uan quick guide to quickly learn the most important points of a curriculum and a job interview are the doors to future employment reading. Have also been incorporated aid to maximizing infojobs portal with tips on how to have updated the curriculum and access to various videos on youtube published by the portal for calves by hand and that all users that desconocian to see.

Contacts: A section where you can store cards from others and storing a network with which to communicate, receive and send any jobs or anything else you need.

Bulletin Board: The board tipico “Ads” malls where ads sticking to find a little job and making ends meet are put phone, but this time connected to the network where users can search and publish both Offers and demands, contact the Advertisers and so agree. Has filters for word, city and whether supply or demand for employment.

Curriculums Deal: One of the most tedious parts of the job search is to distribute resumes and sometimes keep abreast of where and when entregastes can be tedious and missed opotunidades employment. This section provides a map is displayed to the user when it comes to delivering curriculums giving the user the option to mark on the map the place has delivered a resume, storing the date and time a title and a description that the user put to recognize and know that the curriculum delivered. In another window, you can see a list of curriculums delivered, selecting one can view it on the map to locate quickly.

Share: button in the upper right corner of the main menu. . It may publish infojobs public profile on facebook, twitter with a single button, or share it via emal or any other means available for mobile, QR codes also generate much of your business card as your public profile, allowing you to send this image by any means and to distribute “virtually” your information in a comfortable and easy. We also allow scan the QR code generated by this app allowing you to add cards to your friends or other people just hechandole a photo to the image and not have to write anything, even visit their professional profile.
Also you can share with your contacts a job that you find eg walking along the silent, you simply select the “Share Offer Found” and you’ll automatically hechar a photo and compartila … so simple.

What’s New

– Arreglado fallo que impedía publicar anuncios en el tablón de anuncios.


Asistente Empleo APK

Download Asistente Empleo

Download Asistente Empleo APK

Asistente Empleo for Android

Download Asistente Empleo for Android

Download Asistente Empleo APK for Android

Asistente Empleo 1.10 screenshot

Asistente Empleo screenshot 0Asistente Empleo screenshot 1Asistente Empleo screenshot 2Asistente Empleo screenshot 3Asistente Empleo screenshot 4

Download apk file:

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Translator Latest Version APK for Android

Translator download
Translator download

Automatic translation possible in any application. Translator is offered by gamijo. Last Updated: April 02, 2013. Current Version: 1.0

Translate words and phrases between more than 20 languages. For english, french, spanish, german and italian, you can hear the phrases or words to translate and the corresponding translations.
The best but not the least, you can translate easily words and phrases when in another application!!
No need to leave it, just copy some text, and translation is automatically prelaunched!! What an easy way when reading a text in an unknown language. There is a tutorial in the application to help you!!
You can also share translations.

With RTranslator you can:

• Automatically translate in any other application
• Translate text between many languages
• Listen to your translations spoken aloud (4 languages)

Note: Some displayed languages in the application are not yet available.


Translator 2017

Download Translator APK

Translator for Android

Download Translator for Android

Download Translator APK for Android

Translator 1.0 screenshot

Translator screenshot 0Translator screenshot 1Translator screenshot 2Translator screenshot 3Translator screenshot 4

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Fast Address Book – Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices.

Fast Address Book

Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices.

Fast Address Book screenshot 0Fast Address Book screenshot 1

Quick Agenda that allows up to twelve contacts.
With this application you can call your contacts more usual touch of a button.
Do not waste anymore time looking through your contacts, Fast Address Book will save you much time.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: