MultiTrack (OLD) Latest Version APK for Android

download MultiTrack (OLD) apk
download MultiTrack (OLD) apk

Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices. MultiTrack (OLD) is offered by Tenny Tech. Last Updated: March 20, 2013. Current Version: 1.1

*Please uninstall this app (MultiTrack (OLD)) one and use MT.
You can download it here:

An all in one, easy to use MultiTrack service for:

If you would like to add a tracking service, please let us know.

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Latest Updates

*Fixed app from opening the browser


MultiTrack (OLD) 2017

Download MultiTrack (OLD)

Download MultiTrack (OLD) APK

MultiTrack (OLD) for Android

Download MultiTrack (OLD) for Android

Download MultiTrack (OLD) APK for Android

MultiTrack (OLD) 1.1 screenshot

MultiTrack (OLD) screenshot 0MultiTrack (OLD) screenshot 1

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Call Informer demo (caller ID) Latest Version APK for Android

Call Informer demo (caller ID) apk
Call Informer demo (caller ID) apk

See Company, City, State, Country and more on your Caller ID!. Call Informer demo (caller ID) is offered by Jesta's Funhouse. Last Updated: March 20, 2013. Current Version: 1.5.2

Call Informer demo is the demo version of a caller ID enhancement that shows an overlay with additional contact details on the Android incoming and (optionally) outgoing call screens.

!!! HTC Sensation owners!!!
Please see notice at the end of this description.

NOTE: Try this *free* demo version first to see if the app works with your phone; if you like it, please purchase the Call Informer!!!

Call Informer demo can show:
★ Name (with Prefix on Android 2.0+)
★ Nickname* (Android 2.0+)

Call Informer standard version has many more features:
★ Number and Number Type (Home, Mobile…)
★ Company
★ Job Title
★ Email address/Domain (NEW)
★ City, State†
★ Country†
★ Group association (NEW)
★ Notes
†Note: Android versions below 2.0 don’t separate the address fields, so the entire Address field is displayed on older Android versions.

Call Informer differs from apps like Caller ID by Whitepages and Mr. Number Caller ID. These apps look for the information on the Internet, while Call Informer shows you the information you have already saved in your contacts. This means Call Informer will work on CDMA phones when the other apps can’t. It also means Call Informer is more limited than these types of apps.

No Internet connection is needed for Call Informer! The extra information is read from your address book. Call Informer does not try to find this information–you need to manually update your contacts for the details to show on your call screens.

FEATURES in Standard version:
★ Show in a solid or transparent box
★ Change the background color (COMING SOON)
★ Set the font color and size
★ Optionally tap caller details to open Contact entry (new)
★ Optionally tap to hide/show caller details
★ Reposition the display to suit your phone (with preview)
★ Optionally show on outgoing calls
★ Show during conversation, or hide when answered
★ Designed to be small and efficient
★ Call Informer Preferences app in app drawer will allow you to report any Force Closes you have had; also allows you to send me a Debug Log in the event of a problem

☛ Must subscribe to your cellular carrier’s Caller ID service. Without this, Call Informer will be unable to determine who is calling you! Most US carriers include this automatically, users in other countries should check your cellular plan. BOTTOM LINE: If your calls come in as “UNKNOWN” instead of a phone number, Call Informer WILL NOT work for you (Thanks @joey)
☛ HTC SENSE: Call Informer may overlap your existing Incoming Call screen info; I am working on some workarounds for this. For now I recommend turning on the solid background option, and use the Vertical Position preference screen to adjust the display for the best fit. If you disable tapping, you can still interact with whatever is behind Call Informer–it is just a visual overlap.

☛ NO DISPLAY: If you don’t see Call Informer at all after installing it, please power your phone down and back up. There have been some issues regarding certain devices (most often HTC) which don’t want to allow the Call Informer service to start. Rebooting has been reported to fix this for some users. Also, try using the Screen Position preference to readjust the details box to fit in the screen boundaries.
☛ HTC Sensation owners: Call Informer has been reported not to work when your screen is locked. I am trying to find the solution for this problem. For now, if you own this phone I recommend waiting to purchase Call Informer. Note that this my affect other HTC phones with newer versions of Sense as well. Thanks for your patience!

Latest Updates

1.5.2 (2012-05-01)

+ Added several translations (finally!)

+ Fixed no display using certain combinations of fields

+ Rewrote Debug Logging feature

+ Fixed Debug Logging typo

Sorry for poor translations; email if you want to help!


Call Informer demo (caller ID) 2017

Call Informer demo (caller ID) for Android

Download Call Informer demo (caller ID) for Android

Download Call Informer demo (caller ID) APK for Android

Call Informer demo (caller ID) 1.5.2 screenshot

Call Informer demo (caller ID) screenshot 0Call Informer demo (caller ID) screenshot 1

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토목왕 – 수준측량편 – Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices.

토목왕 - 수준측량편

Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices.

토목왕 - 수준측량편 screenshot 0토목왕 - 수준측량편 screenshot 1토목왕 - 수준측량편 screenshot 2토목왕 - 수준측량편 screenshot 3

■ ■ fall in the field of civil engineering construction that can not be leveling
Pen to paper and write a scientific calculator around with two hit
Was created to eliminate the inconvenience of Civil directly.

Known points after entering the exhibition if you enter the backsight elevation is calculated automatically
Excel and save it as. Less pen notes
Sit in the office and fill out a field book useful application that does not require re-organize!

^ ^ Hope to create a future for Civil, geonchukin App

See detail information and download apk file: