Voice Assist Latest Version APK for Android

Voice Assist download
Voice Assist download

Voice Assist is a handsfree voice assistant to text, email, post, tweet or call. Voice Assist is offered by Voice Assist. Last Updated: December 10, 2012. Current Version: 1.3

Voice Assist is a hands free personal productivity application. This application is designed to help you keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. Download the application and upload your contacts to our cloud based address book. Use the app to add a custom speed dial button to your home screen.

Press the button to connect to Voice Assist with one tap. You will hear Voice Assist – Ready. Now you can dial by name or number or listen to email or reply or send and receive text messages by voice. Once you connect to Voice Assist you can complete each task one after the other. You don’t need to hang up. After making a call, just say goodbye and wait for the other person to hang up. Voice Assist comes back on the line automatically. Now you can dial by voice, email by voice, text by voice, post to twitter or post to facebook all without typing. Compare this application to Drivesafe.ly, Vlingo, Apple SIRI, Google Now, Dragon Go and Text by Voice.

What’s New

This is our first version.

The following features are included:

Call contact name

Dial number

Read my email

Reply to email

Forward email

Send email

Send text

Reply to text

Call back from text

Post to Twitter

Post to Facebook

Now has 4 personalities (Helen, Julie, Bridget and Paul)

Added local access numbers to use this service from the U.S. and Canada


Voice Assist 2017

Voice Assist APK

Download Voice Assist

Download Voice Assist APK

Voice Assist for Android

Download Voice Assist for Android

Download Voice Assist APK for Android

Voice Assist 1.3 screenshot

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Voice Assist apk video

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Cantilever Beam Conc Load – Analyzes a cantilever beam with a concentrated load

Cantilever Beam Conc Load

Analyzes a cantilever beam with a concentrated load

Cantilever Beam Conc Load screenshot 0Cantilever Beam Conc Load screenshot 1Cantilever Beam Conc Load screenshot 2

Free app for analyzing a cantilever beam with a concentrated load. Of interest to civil, structural, and mechanical engineers.
Type of units to be used (SI or US Customary)
Distance to point where load is applied
Distance, x, to point where deflection is to be calculated
Elastic modulus
Moment of inertia
Load magnitude
Maximum deflection
Deflection at x
Maximum moment (occurs at support)
Maximum shear
Reaction force at support

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/3ER9SS