SandGlass Timer – A HourGlass, SandGlass, EggTimer for Android.

SandGlass Timer

A HourGlass, SandGlass, EggTimer for Android.

SandGlass Timer screenshot 0SandGlass Timer screenshot 1

This is a very simple Egg Timer / hour glass I wrote, to try and work out how to program for the android platform.

Put simply it counts down 30 seconds and then fires a notification when this has expired, there should be an alarm but I’ve had some trouble getting that bit to work.

The program works both as an Application, a Widget and I might get it too work as a notification as well if I get the time.

Its currently very simple and “unfinished” and has quite a few missing features, or features I would like it to have.

I’ve put it up on Android Play partly to work out how Android Play works, and partly because I could not find many similar apps and thought others might find it useful.

My wife suggested it as I nice simple idea as she had been looking for an app to help her cook, but as I’m sure you’ll imagine the possibilities are endless with quite such a reasonable simple app, I’m surprised its not part of the standard app set, (Hundreds of Stopwatches, not no count down timers)

To Do:

1. Alarm when timer expires
2. Improve Graphics and Icons
3. Repeating timer
4. Setting Page so it can time other things than 30 seconds (or multiples there of)

Download apk file for your android phone:

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