Therm Align Latest Version APK for Android

download Therm Align apk
download Therm Align apk

Therm Align calculates for shaft alignment thermal growth of rotating equipment. Therm Align is offered by VibrAlign Inc.. Last Updated: September 25, 2012. Current Version: 1.01

The Therm Align app helps those performing shaft alignments calculate the value of compensations for thermal growth (also known as dynamic movement) of rotating equipment.

As the temperature of machinery changes, the components shrink or grow causing frames, casings and centerlines of the shafts to move. In the most common situation, as machinery heats up, the centerline moves up in the vertical plane. Accounting for this thermal growth is important to the shaft alignment process.

Alignment corrections made at ambient conditions should account for any anticipated movement. During correction the equipment will be intentionally offset so it will grow back into proper alignment.

Therm Align will calculate the thermal offsets needed to compensate for this thermal movement. Movement of both the stationary and movable components is taken into account to determine the proper compensating “target values” needed on the movable piece of equipment.

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Therm Align 2017

Download Therm Align APK for Android

Therm Align 1.01 screenshot

Therm Align screenshot 0Therm Align screenshot 1Therm Align screenshot 2Therm Align screenshot 3Therm Align screenshot 4Therm Align screenshot 5Therm Align screenshot 6

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