DViewer – DViewer is a remote pc viewer/control and ip camera viewer


DViewer is a remote pc viewer/control and ip camera viewer

DViewer screenshot 0DViewer screenshot 1DViewer screenshot 2DViewer screenshot 3DViewer screenshot 4

DViewer is a remote pc viewer/control and ip camera viewer at same time (up to 4 connections at same time in a quad viewer as showed in images).You can view , for example, 2 pc desktop and two axis camera at same time, then, if you focus on single pc, you can change something in pc view (with limitation of small screen) and then you can return to quad view.
Remote pc is available via HttpDesk software downloadable on dexmac.com/index.php/software/117-httpdesk for windows and linux.

Here there are movies about dviewer




all is open source and source is published on dexmac.com/index.php/software/106-dviewer

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Download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/pUitdg

CEeBA – Application no longer updated and running on the device with Android 4.4 or –


Application no longer updated and running on the device with Android 4.4 or –

CEeBA screenshot 0CEeBA screenshot 1CEeBA screenshot 2CEeBA screenshot 3CEeBA screenshot 4CEeBA screenshot 5CEeBA screenshot 6CEeBA screenshot 7

CEeBA stands for “Class Issue Stamp Auto”. It ‘a program that on one hand is used to determine the emission class of the car and the other is used to define the amount of car tax.
In particular, the program as well as determining the emission class of the car also establishes your position and if the class of emission is one of those in parentheses (Euro 0, Euro 1, Euro 2) and if you are indoors a town in the Lombardy region that is part of the area A1 or in one of the municipalities outside the area A1 who accepted the regional measures in accordance with the “Protocol of cooperation of provinces” (DGR n. 9595 of 11/06/2009), a message will appear that warns you that the car in question can not circulate in the territory from October 15 to April 15, Monday to Friday, from 7.30 to 19.30 (this period is indicated to link regione.lombardia.it/cs/Satellite?c=Redazionale_P&childpagename=Ambiente%2FDetail&cid=1213374630533&pagename=MBNTWrapper ).
As far as the car tax, the program, depending on your position, can display two different web pages. If you are within the confines of the Lombardy Region you will see the page of “BolloMobile” which allows not only to calculate the car tax but also to pay on-line. But if you do not have a credit card or simply do not want to pay through the circuit of Intesa San Paolo, the program also allows you to locate where you are close to a public exercise enabled the payment of the car tax. In this case, the application uses a dataset (dati.lombardia.it/tributi/tassa-auto) on the portal dati.lombardia.it. The dataset is provided by the Lombardy Region in respect of the license IODL 2.0 (dati.gov.it/iodl/2.0/).
Identified the ‘address, simply click on the Google Maps to display your position as well as the address found and you can decide at this point to follow the directions.
If all you want is out of the Lombardy program excludes the two buttons (“calculating cost” and “where to pay?”) And you can only perform the calculation of the stamp through the website of the Inland Revenue.
The application was in the openapp Lombardy. openapp.lombardia.it/ceeba/

Application no longer updated and running on Android device with OS 4.4 or lower

See more information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/076oDr