eZ2Mo Backup Contacts – eZ2Mo Backup Contacts between Android and Apple iOS phones

eZ2Mo Backup Contacts

eZ2Mo Backup Contacts between Android and Apple iOS phones

eZ2Mo Backup Contacts screenshot 0eZ2Mo Backup Contacts screenshot 1eZ2Mo Backup Contacts screenshot 2eZ2Mo Backup Contacts screenshot 3eZ2Mo Backup Contacts screenshot 4eZ2Mo Backup Contacts screenshot 5eZ2Mo Backup Contacts screenshot 6eZ2Mo Backup Contacts screenshot 7

With Ez2Mo Contacts you can
* Backup your contacts from your Android phone safely on web
* View your contacts anytime on the web, by logging to your account.
* get the contacts from your ez2mo account to Android or iPhone.
* Transfer/Synchronize those contacts between mobile phones based on Android and iPhone iOS.

With over 10,000 iPhone customers having uploaded more than 5 million contacts, and enjoying our backup service, we are happy to announce an android version of our application. This should enable our customers to transfer their contacts between iPhone and Android without any worries.

To get started, register your account on ez2mo.com and then start using application.

For any feedback, please send us a mail at contact@ez2mo.com

Download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/obZWnU

Mini Info+ System Widget App – Mini Info+, Your Go-to System Health Manager Widget App! Now with notifications!

Mini Info+ System Widget App

Mini Info+, Your Go-to System Health Manager Widget App! Now with notifications!

Mini Info+ System Widget App screenshot 0Mini Info+ System Widget App screenshot 1Mini Info+ System Widget App screenshot 2Mini Info+ System Widget App screenshot 3Mini Info+ System Widget App screenshot 4Mini Info+ System Widget App screenshot 5Mini Info+ System Widget App screenshot 6Mini Info+ System Widget App screenshot 7

Rebuilt from the ground up to be lightweight and efficient. We suspect 2x speed boost and consistency compared to Mini Info classic.

IMPORTANT 1: “Classic Pro Key” app not compatible with Mini Info+

IMPORTANT 2: Legacy Pro User, please contact us with your previous transaction details at support@dynotes.com For all valid transactions, we will grant one pro code as a gift.

IMPORTANT 3: If you didn’t get the pro features after purchase via Google in-app-billing, please contact us at support@dynotes.com. We DO respond to your emails.

– 2×1 Widget
– 8 Info Pieces
– Toggle Bar
– Notification Info Bar
– Tons of Customization

Widget Features:
– Preview pane (see the widget before you add it)
– Intuitive info piece selection
– 2 Widget Layouts
– Default: One tidy row of info
– Solo Detailed: Mimic the main app on your homescreen
– Select the number of info pieces
– 10 Backgrounds
– Individually select info pieces on a per widget basis
– Text Color
– Progress bar color
– Updates on system battery change to avoid polling
– Icon theming coming soon

– Optional Feature
– Battery % in badge form
– Color style selection
– Drag and drop info piece reorder
– Check shown and hidden info pieces
– Updates on battery status change (simultaneously as widget)
– Tap to open Mini Info

Info Features:

– Percentage, Temperature (F and C), Voltage, Status
Disk Info:
– Available, Total and Used
– Internal Disk Space, External SD Card, Internal SD Card
– App, Cache, System data
– Set custom disk locations
– Used CPU, Available CPU
– CPU Speed
– Available, Total and Used RAM
– Measure Mobile Received, Transmitted (in/out)
– Total Received, Transmitted, Bandwidth
– Budget to track percentage of network used per month
– Ringer modes: Silent, Vibrate, Sound, Silent + Vibrate
– Master volume, ringer, notification, media, alarm, voice call, system volumes

– Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, Screen Brightness, Airplane Mode, APN (3G/EDGE), Auto Rotation, Auto Sync, Screen Timeout, Unlock Pattern, Mini Info Menu
– Long press for settings page of each setting
– Toast Notifications for Wifi and Bluetooth connection
– Drag and drop Reorder and show/hide toggles

– Custom tap actions
– Progress bar available/used
– Progress bar colors
– Each info piece, available/used
– Auto kill feature, click to close

Bonus Features:
– High resolution icons
– All in one display
– Landscape and Portrait orientations
– Device Info shortcut
– About + Help Documentation
– Fast friendly support

Supports Android versions 2.0+, including Jelly Bean, Ice cream sandwich, Gingerbread, Froyo, etc.

The Mini Info Team

Follow us on Twitter! twitter.com/dynotes

See more information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/uAVoka