Cost-It Free Latest Version APK for Android

Cost-It Free download
Cost-It Free download

Keep track of cost of projects. Compare cost estimates against actual. Cost-It Free is offered by James Farrier. Last Updated: February 26, 2012. Current Version: 1.3

Cost-It is a small, intuitive and easy-to-use application. The basic idea is that you define a project (and optional budget), its tasks and associated costs (estimated, actual, and how much you have paid). You then know how much the project is estimated to cost you; how much the project has actually cost you; and how much you have paid and have left to pay.
If you planning on getting married, have some DIY projects to cost out and track; or are planning your latest vacation then this is the application for you.

You can also check tasks off as done so you know the completion status of each project in terms of tasks complete and how much money has been spent and still needs to be spent.
This application is ideal for Wedding planning, DIY Projects, Vacation Planning. No Project is too big or small.

Latest Updates

Now have the ability to add up to three custom attributes for a Task. This is done by selecting menu from the main screen and selecting preferences. These custom attributes could be used for data such as tax, shipping or resale value etc.


Cost-It Free 2017

Cost-It Free APK

Download Cost-It Free

Download Cost-It Free APK

Cost-It Free for Android

Download Cost-It Free for Android

Download Cost-It Free APK for Android

Cost-It Free 1.3 screenshot

Cost-It Free screenshot 0Cost-It Free screenshot 1Cost-It Free screenshot 2Cost-It Free screenshot 3Cost-It Free screenshot 4

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:

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