Trailer Publisher Latest Version APK for Android

Trailer Publisher apk
Trailer Publisher apk

1 picture and a couple of questions and your trailer classified ad is posted. Trailer Publisher is offered by Trailer Shopper. Last Updated: February 23, 2012. Current Version: 1.4

Trailer Publisher an Application made and designed to publish your trailers to automatically.

Easy Application to use and makes it easy to get your trailer classifieds in a Magazine format and deliver them through XML and online for sale as fast as possible.

Trailer Publisher

1. Pic category
2. Take as many pics as necessary
3. Answer a couple of questions
4. Publish
5. Ads are available in XML/Magazine/Online Classifieds

Move to next trailer. No need to go visit the computer until completely done.

The application gets easier as you use it to a point where you do nothing but takes pictures and post.

Note: Trailer Publisher is an application only for those registered on Trailer Shopper and activated to publish via Trailer Publisher.

To publish to other sites you just need to be a registered user of and signed up to manage your classifieds.

Latest Updates

Better Image Handling

Bug Fixes


Trailer Publisher 2017

Trailer Publisher for Android

Download Trailer Publisher for Android

Download Trailer Publisher APK for Android

Trailer Publisher 1.4 screenshot

Trailer Publisher screenshot 0Trailer Publisher screenshot 1Trailer Publisher screenshot 2Trailer Publisher screenshot 3Trailer Publisher screenshot 4Trailer Publisher screenshot 5

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IDEAL Talking Tags Latest Version APK for Android

IDEAL Talking Tags download
IDEAL Talking Tags download

Talking Tag for People who are Blind. IDEAL Talking Tags is offered by IDEAL Group, Inc. Android Development Team. Last Updated: February 23, 2012. Current Version: 1.0.1

IDEAL Talking Tags is a talking label maker/reader application, designed in support of accommodating the access needs of individuals who are blind. IDEAL Talking Tags is based on Apps4Android’s Near Field Communication (NFC) Tec-Tiles. For more information please see:

The minimum hardware and firmware requirements for running the application is an Android, Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled, smartphone running Android V4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

Identive Group Type 2 (42mm diameter) NFC tags (ISO/IEC 14443 A 1-3 compliant; NTAG chip; Passive RFID 13.56MHz) were used to Beta test IDEAL Talking Tags. They worked perfectly. They cost approximately $0.80 each in quantities of 100.

For more information:

Before purchasing a large quantity of NFC tags, purchase a few of them. Test them with the app. If they work, fine. If not, it is a tag issue… not an app issue.

Talking labels can provide audible guidance in identifying a variety of different items including clothing, food containers and other household products. Talking labels can also provide audible guidance in identifying and taking medications. Talking labels are often used by individuals with vision-impairments.

Instructions for use:

1. Launch IDEAL Talking Tags. You should hear, “Touch the screen. Speak your message and let go of the screen when you are done. IDEAL Talking Tags.”

2. Touch the screen and speaking the words you want to record.

3. When you release your finger you will hear, “Touch and hold the screen to preview your recording. Let go when done.”

4. After previewing your recording you should hear, “Scan the NFC tag you wish to associate with this recording.”

5. You can then touch the back of your phone to an NFC tag of the type describe above.

6. Hence forth whenever you touch your smartphone to this tag, you smartphone will play the associated recording.

What’s New

New Release


IDEAL Talking Tags 2017

IDEAL Talking Tags for Android

Download IDEAL Talking Tags for Android

Download IDEAL Talking Tags APK for Android

IDEAL Talking Tags 1.0.1 screenshot

IDEAL Talking Tags screenshot 0IDEAL Talking Tags screenshot 1

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Furniture Styles – Identify the style of your antique and reproduction furniture.

Furniture Styles

Identify the style of your antique and reproduction furniture.

Furniture Styles screenshot 0Furniture Styles screenshot 1Furniture Styles screenshot 2Furniture Styles screenshot 3Furniture Styles screenshot 4Furniture Styles screenshot 5Furniture Styles screenshot 6

Identify the style of your antique and reproduction furniture.

The Furniture Styles app matches the attributes of your furniture to nineteen historically influential furniture styles. Although matches do not indicate the actual age or authenticity of the piece, attributes are significant indicators of architectural style.

Recognized styles:
1600-1690 Jacobean
1640-1700 Early American
1690-1725 William and Mary
1700-1755 Queen Anne
1700-1780 Colonial
1714-1760 Georgian
1720-1830 Pennsylvania Dutch
1750-1790 Chippendale
1760-1795 Robert Adam
1765-1800 Hepplewhite
1780-1820 Federal
1780-1820 Sheraton
1795-1848 Duncan Phyfe
1800-1840 American Empire
1820-1860 Shaker
1840-1910 Victorian
1880-1910 Arts and Craft
1910-1930 Art Nouveau
1960-1990 Scandinavian Contemporary

See detail information and download apk file for android:

My notes and loans – Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices.

My notes and loans

Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices.

My notes and loans screenshot 0My notes and loans screenshot 1My notes and loans screenshot 2My notes and loans screenshot 3My notes and loans screenshot 4


My notes and loans is the ICS-style app you were looking for if you want to manage your personal notes and loans in an easy way.

You can write down any kind of information and, soon, you could even draw your notes.

Also, if you lend something to a friend, relative or anybody else, add it as a loan before it falls into oblivion!

You can even establish a loanĀ“s end date in which you will be notified when you open the application, if the loan has expired or not.

You can also export and import your notes and loans at any time not to miss anything if you change your phone or accidentally lost important data.

And many other features will follow soon!

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