FastNotes Sticky Note Widget Latest Version APK for Android

FastNotes Sticky Note Widget download
FastNotes Sticky Note Widget download

A quick and easy post-it note widget for Android. FastNotes Sticky Note Widget is offered by Jay Zhang. Last Updated: February 16, 2012. Current Version: 2.0.2

FastNotes is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, post-it widget for Android. This sticky note widget boasts a clean and simple user interface so that you can quickly jot down your thoughts and reminders without hassle.

Adding a new sticky note is as easy as long-pressing an empty spot on your homescreen, clicking “Add Widget”, then clicking “FastNotes 1×1”. Type a note in the “Note Text” box, click “Save” and you’re all set!

Along with a slick interface, Fast Notes also includes a slew of powerful features:
– Nine vibrant sticky note colours.
– Set a due date for your note and watch it change colour as the due date approaches.
– An “Additional Notes” section to record details that won’t fit on the note itself.
– Attach a checklist to your note for quick to-do lists. Simply check the “Create checklist” box when creating your note and write each list item as a separate line in the “Additional Notes” box.
– Adjust the sticky note text size for more space or better readability.
– Optimized to take up few resources and consume very little battery.

If you like FastNotes, please consider buying the donation version. It includes a new ICS colour set and disables ads permanently.

***NOTE: the two permissions are for displaying ads. You can opt out of the ads by unchecking the respective boxes in the Fast Notes configuration app. However, please remember that Fast Notes is — and always will be — free, so our only revenue comes from these ads. Also, if you don’t like the permissions, please consider buying the FastNotes Donation version.***

***NOTE 2: if the widget doesn’t show up in the widget picker, reboot your phone.***

Latest Updates

Version 2.0.2:

-Attempt to fix widget not showing up.

Version 2.0.1:

-Quick fix to allow multiline descriptions to work in GB.

Version 2.0:

-Added ICS support!

-Long descriptions/checklists now scrollable in the edit menu.

-Added a new colour: brown.

-Attempted to fix bug in which notes cannot be viewed.

-Added donate version: no ads and an extra colour set.

-Optimized to be displayed on more screen sizes.

-Now appears first on widget picker lists.


FastNotes Sticky Note Widget 2017

Download FastNotes Sticky Note Widget

Download FastNotes Sticky Note Widget APK

FastNotes Sticky Note Widget for Android

Download FastNotes Sticky Note Widget for Android

Download FastNotes Sticky Note Widget APK for Android

FastNotes Sticky Note Widget 2.0.2 screenshot

FastNotes Sticky Note Widget screenshot 0FastNotes Sticky Note Widget screenshot 1FastNotes Sticky Note Widget screenshot 2FastNotes Sticky Note Widget screenshot 3FastNotes Sticky Note Widget screenshot 4FastNotes Sticky Note Widget screenshot 5

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MTS Metal Weight Calculator Latest Version APK for Android

MTS Metal Weight Calculator download
MTS Metal Weight Calculator download

Estimate the theoretical weight of Metal & Plastic products by type & shape. MTS Metal Weight Calculator is offered by Material Technology Solutions – MTS. Last Updated: February 16, 2012. Current Version: 1.0

The MTS Calculator is a FREE and unlimited application for estimating the theoretical weight of metal & plastic products according to their type, density and shape and for sending RFQ’s for materials based on results provided or on a stand-alone basis.
Its simple – Choose material, type and shape – Obtain theoretical weight – Send RFQ

Easy to use either in the office by salespeople and buyers, on the road and on-site by architects, engineers and contractors, and on the warehouse floor by logistics personnel.

User-friendly interface with graphic shape display.

Functionality in Metric and Imperial units.

Materials: Aluminum Alloys, Steel, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Lead, Nickel Alloys, Plastic, Stainless Steel, Titanium and custom densities.
Shapes: Plates/Sheets, Round Bars, Flat Bars, Square Bars, Hexagon Bars, Round Tubes, Rectangular Tubes, Square Tubes, Angles.


MTS Metal Weight Calculator 2017

MTS Metal Weight Calculator for Android

Download MTS Metal Weight Calculator for Android

Download MTS Metal Weight Calculator APK for Android

MTS Metal Weight Calculator 1.0 screenshot

MTS Metal Weight Calculator screenshot 0MTS Metal Weight Calculator screenshot 1MTS Metal Weight Calculator screenshot 2MTS Metal Weight Calculator screenshot 3MTS Metal Weight Calculator screenshot 4

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Calc+ Free – Scientific Calculator

Calc+ Free

Scientific Calculator

Calc+ Free screenshot 0Calc+ Free screenshot 1

Scientific calculator with advanced features.

Simple or advanced mode, just by turning your phone.

Get the paid version for more features including unit convertions, loan calculator.

Ver 1.0.8:
Fixed back button not exiting.
Fixed larger screens.
Added Deg,Rad,Grad options.
Ver 1.0.4:
Fixed % key to be more natural (i.e. “10-10%=9”)
Fixed rounding errors.

Download apk file for android:

Calc+ – Scientific CalculatorLoan CalculatorConversion CalculatorTip Calculator


Scientific CalculatorLoan CalculatorConversion CalculatorTip Calculator

Calc+ screenshot 0Calc+ screenshot 1Calc+ screenshot 2Calc+ screenshot 3Calc+ screenshot 4Calc+ screenshot 5

Scientific calculator with advanced features.

Rotate screen for switching from simple to advanced.
Long press on display value to copy and paste.

Includes toolbox of advanced features.

Loan Calculator with two modes.
– Calculate monthly payment
– Calculate how much I can afford

Unit Conversions
– Includes conversions of length, mass, speed, temperature, volume.

Tip Calculator

Download apk file: