Lease Kilometers Tracker Latest Version APK for Android

Lease Kilometers Tracker apk
Lease Kilometers Tracker apk

Track your daily, allowed and estimated driven kilometers. Lease Kilometers Tracker is offered by Ralph Trentacosta. Last Updated: February 01, 2012. Current Version: 1.2.0

Calculate your daily lease contact miles
This app will allow you to calculate how many kilometers you can go each day based on a lease contract. It will also show you how many kilometers you should have driven up to the current day based on your lease contact.

If you are looking for Miles instead of Kilometers, check out Lease Miles Tracker!

Latest Updates

renamed kM to km


Lease Kilometers Tracker 2017

Download Lease Kilometers Tracker for Android

Download Lease Kilometers Tracker APK for Android

Lease Kilometers Tracker 1.2.0 screenshot

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Ask Andy Latest Version APK for Android

Ask Andy apk
Ask Andy apk

Don't know what to do, why not Ask Andy?. Ask Andy is offered by Uooka Consulting. Last Updated: February 01, 2012. Current Version: 1.0

I wouldn’t say I’m an indecisive person, or would I? I don’t know what do you think? It is this rational that has led to the development of the simple yet always helpful Ask Andy App. Simply type in a question, and a super intelligent algorithm based on question phrasing, a time dilation index and some other ultra-ingenious parameters will give you a probability of a positive or negative outcome.

Also for those in a hurry or if your fingers are too fat to work the keypad, there is a simple menu of three random choice generators. Decide what to do based on flipping a coin, rolling a dice or the ever popular magic eight ball.

(Warning : Calculated outcome probability may or may not be complete and utter bollocks.)


Ask Andy 2017

Download Ask Andy for Android

Download Ask Andy APK for Android

Ask Andy 1.0 screenshot

Ask Andy screenshot 0Ask Andy screenshot 1Ask Andy screenshot 2

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Performance Review Phrases – GoodRevu provides phrases for key skills and goals for performance reviews.

Performance Review Phrases

GoodRevu provides phrases for key skills and goals for performance reviews.

Performance Review Phrases screenshot 0Performance Review Phrases screenshot 1Performance Review Phrases screenshot 2

GoodRevu makes performance reviews easy. Our new Core Skills and Goals application will provide you with a range of skill and goal definitions to help review your coworkers and phrases for writing the perfect performance reviews using example comments. Here are just some of the skills available to you in this Android application:

– Business Acumen
– Leadership
– Goal Setting
– Creativity
– Communication (verbal & written)
– People Management
– Work Effort
– Transparency
– Reliability
– Teamwork

And many, many more! You’re also given a thirty day free trial to use our EasyRevu web-app. Drag-and-drop performance reviews save you even more time! And isn’t that what you want most from technology? More time to do what you love?

For our web-based tools to create full performance reviews with our patent-pending drag and drop performance appraisal tool, check out .

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