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Prayer Tracker apk
Prayer Tracker apk

PrayerTracker is A very fast way to build a Prayer List and maintain it. Prayer Tracker is offered by Robert E. Roth. Last Updated: September 30, 2011. Current Version: 3.0

What good is a prayer list if you don’t actually use it? This app is so fast and easy to use that when you think of a prayer need, you will jump in and capture it. It’s fun and easy to use and FAST.

My goal (both for myself and others) is to get people praying, and this app makes it as easy as it possibly can be to capture and review a prayer list (that is my design point).

With one click, you record a short prayer (maybe 1 or 2 seconds). Click again to record the next one. You can capture a whole lot of individual prayer requests very, very quickly this way.

Later, when you have time, you can view or listen to the list. Replace the default name with your own text. If your phone has voice-to-type as many do, you just speak (to type) two or three words for reference so you don’t need to play the sound bite anymore if you do not wish to.

If you are in your car or sitting by yourself, you can long-click on any item and play all the recordings from that point to the end of the list. That way you can listen to the prayer requests “hands off” while driving, and even pray along.

The ability to re-order the list easily is also important. With a long click you can add a blank line above any entry, and then select a prayer request and move it to the blank line. With this “organizer” you can quickly re-order the prayers in any way you prefer.

Of course, new prayer requests can be added at any time. They will be added to the end of the list and you can then re-order it to any position.

Once the prayer has been answered or is no longer relevant, you simply delete it from the list. I am thinking of adding archiving, catagorizing, and tracking answered prayers as well, but I want to wait for feedback from users, as I do not want to sacrifice the target focus which is quick, easy, and something that actually gets used!

Latest Updates

This version now supports archiving prayer requests that are still open but not active, and capturing as answered, so you can refer back to your answered prayers.


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Download Prayer Tracker APK

Prayer Tracker for Android

Download Prayer Tracker for Android

Download Prayer Tracker APK for Android

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