More Icons Free Widget Latest Version APK for Android

download More Icons Free Widget apk
download More Icons Free Widget apk

Never run out of icon space with this widget. Have 3 icons in the place of one. More Icons Free Widget is offered by pcm2a. Last Updated: September 27, 2011. Current Version: 3.4.3

Pay version only $0.99!

More Icons Free Widget is a home screen widget that allows you to add more icons onto your home screen. The free version will allow you to place 3 icons in the place of 1. Never run out of home screen space again!

Free version contains one widget size: 1×1

Pay version conains 6 additional widget sizes: 1×2, 1×3, 1×4, 2×1, 3×1, 4×1

Many choices for the icon slots:
Direct Dial, Direct Message, Direct Email

Pay version also adds toggles:
Wifi, Vibrate, Silent, Brightness, Bluetooth, Airplane, GPS, Battery, 4G (Evo)

Vibrate on icon press
Custom colors of icon press
Show/Hide icon labels
Two toggle icon choices
Support for Bettercut icon packs
Backup and Restore widget configs
MyBackup support

Backup first, reinstall if you have problems!

I cannot fix any problems from Android Market comments. If you have problems email them to for support.

This uses a few permissions and they are detailed here:
Write Settings: Saving your settings and backups
Read Contacts: For the various contact/direct dial/etc
Call Phone: For the direct dial/sms
Read Bookmarks: Direct bookmarks
Vibrate: Vibrate/Silent toggle
Internet/Network State: Analytics

What’s New

Version Notes v3.4.3″

Move icon to another position

Swap two icons

Clipboard icon when data is copied

Bug fixes:

Turn android debug mode off


More Icons Free Widget 2017

Download More Icons Free Widget APK for Android

More Icons Free Widget 3.4.3 screenshot

More Icons Free Widget screenshot 0More Icons Free Widget screenshot 1More Icons Free Widget screenshot 2More Icons Free Widget screenshot 3

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