Brick Calculator + – Brickwork Dimensions Table & Calculator

Brick Calculator +

Brickwork Dimensions Table & Calculator

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ArchiApps are proud to release this architectural app which helps Architects, Architectural technicians & technologists, Builders & DIYers to coordinate their brickwork or other building materials. No more referring to brickwork dimension tables with the app which also includes a calculator to quantify sections of wall. The calculator can also include windows, doors, etc to provide an accurate quantity for ordering or estimating purposes. Program and save your own modules of European sized bricks or other building materials such as blockwork, wall tiling and timber cladding. Calculations can also be saved for future reference.

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NXT data log – Log the data of an NXT robot

NXT data log

Log the data of an NXT robot

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An application for logging the input data of a Lego Mindstorms NXT robot. It is ideal to check the parts of a robotics project using a simple, one-screen interface. You can use the motors and measure the input of touch, sound, light, color and ultrasonic sensors. Real-time logging is not possible because the bluetooth connection and/or the phone crash, so this feature has been disabled. Finally, you can store the input values permanently by emailing them to yourself, your friends or your colleagues!

-Ad free, totally free
-Installs on SD card by default

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