Extensive Notes Pro – Notepad – So many features, it's bordering on insanity

Extensive Notes Pro - Notepad

So many features, it's bordering on insanity

Extensive Notes Pro - Notepad screenshot 0Extensive Notes Pro - Notepad screenshot 1Extensive Notes Pro - Notepad screenshot 2

“Extensive Notes Is a Ridiculously Full Featured Note-Taking App for Android – Lifehacker”

* Note various questions and answers via media tools
* Unit converter
* Ohms law
* Decibels of change
* BMI Calculator
* Random password generator
* qr codes and barcode
* CSV files as todo
* Import Contacts in the form of to-do tasks
* Export notes as text
* Note and lookup slang terms
* Note and look various word questions and answers
* Easily export the entire note database to SD card which allows for easily going from free to pro version or as a simple means of backup.
* Import/Restore notes database via SD
* Text-to-Speech (TTS) which allows for notes to be read back to you.
* prioritize notes according to you and the order of importance within your everyday life
* share
* Sort
* Search notes for keywords or via hash tags
* Geotagging of notes to remember locations and also allows for looking up street address if available using the longitude and latitude.
* sales tax discount, temperature, mortgage, tip calculator
* Paint
* Lock notes so no one can read them
* Login screen
* status bar
* Comment support
* Auto Backup
* Folder Support
* Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
* Body Fat
* Body Mass Index (BMI)
* Daily Caloric Intake
* Max Heart Rate
* One Rep Max (1RM)
* Target Heart Rate
* Waist To Hip Ratio
* Water Intake
* alarms and reminders using the built in system or using Google calendar.
* to-do support
* Stopwatch values
– BigHugeLabs.com
– Abbreviations.com
* slang words
* Word suggestions
* Word usage examples
* Conversions
* Shopping & grocery list
* Adjust image size – choose between small or large

Detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/vI8yIa

Server Monitor – Monitor one or more servers by testing their availability on a regular base.

Server Monitor

Monitor one or more servers by testing their availability on a regular base.

Server Monitor screenshot 0Server Monitor screenshot 1Server Monitor screenshot 2Server Monitor screenshot 3Server Monitor screenshot 4

—-This version is without ads—-

Please download newest version:


If you bought the old version let me know and you get this one for free.

The main purpose of this application is to monitor one or more servers by testing their availability on a regular base.

There is also the ability to perform a portscan.

Our application is, as its name implies, a server monitor.
The application tests the status of a service by opening a socket to the port in accordance with this service.

An example: if you want to monitor a web server, enter the URL or IP of the server and you choose port 80 (http protocol).

When the service starts to be deployed at fixed intervals ensure that the service is available.

If the service is not available you will receive one or more notifications.

**Managing monitoring websites / services (such as an SMTP server, FTP server, …)
**Displaying the status of the monitoring sites / services
**Setting parameters for monitoring
**Track statistics
**Notifications (status bar, email, SMS)

Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/7kWZNl

Infrared Emissivity Table – Completely Redesigned for Version 3.0

Infrared Emissivity Table

Completely Redesigned for Version 3.0

Infrared Emissivity Table screenshot 0Infrared Emissivity Table screenshot 1Infrared Emissivity Table screenshot 2

A simple set of emissivity tables for anyone performing infra-red temperature measurements or Infrared Thermography. A very handy tool for anyone with a FLIR, Fluke or other infrared camera/thermometer. When you need to adjust with an emissivity value- simply open the quick launch app and look up the value. No internet connection is required. You can also search for a material by typing in the first letters of the material type- the app will begin filtering results immediately.

Your reports will be more accurate than ever when adjusted with the correct value. Home, business, equipment, roof, mould and other inspections all need adjustment, but not all imagers have the correct value pre-installed.

Virtually all infrared camera (and some infrared thermometers) allow for manual emissivity adjustment; simply input the number and continue with your inspection.

Take your inspections to a more professional level by compensating each and every one of your images. Your customers will thank you.

See more information: https://goo.gl/oYNohJ