Volume Calculator Latest Version APK for Android

Volume Calculator apk
Volume Calculator apk

Now for only 99 cents! Calculate Volume and Surface Area for heaps of 3D Shapes!. Volume Calculator is offered by Code Slinger. Last Updated: December 24, 2010. Current Version: 1.1

Volume Calculator allows you to quickly determine the volume and surface area of ten 3D shapes. Whether it is for school or work, this geometric calculator will provide quick and accurate results. Features include: Support for 10 different shapes, Fast calculations, Volume/Surface area formulas, and 3D Shape graphics.

Latest Updates

* Fixed button and text formating issues

* Added Google License Check


Volume Calculator 2017

Volume Calculator 1.1 screenshot

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Cover Depth Electrical Latest Version APK for Android

Cover Depth Electrical download
Cover Depth Electrical download

Handy Electrical burial depth reference. Cover Depth Electrical is offered by Intineo LLC. Last Updated: December 24, 2010. Current Version: 1.1

NEC and CEC (Canadian Electrical Code) Cover Requirements for
Cables, Conductors and Raceways.

References Pertinent data from NEC Tables 300.5 and 300.50,
as well as CEC Table 53 and Rule 12-012.

Helpful aid to determining burial depth for electrical conductors in the U.S. or Canada.

Keywords: Electrician, Cover Requirements, Burial Depth

What’s New

Added NEC 2011 requirements.


Cover Depth Electrical 2017

Cover Depth Electrical 1.1 screenshot

Cover Depth Electrical screenshot 0Cover Depth Electrical screenshot 1Cover Depth Electrical screenshot 2Cover Depth Electrical screenshot 3Cover Depth Electrical screenshot 4

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