Messdiener St. Georg Vreden Latest Version APK for Android

download Messdiener St. Georg Vreden apk
download Messdiener St. Georg Vreden apk

Messdiener St. Georg Vreden. Messdiener St. Georg Vreden is offered by Messdiener St. Georg Vreden. Last Updated: December 08, 2016. Current Version: 2.2

The altar boy altar boy App of St. Georg Vreden you can quickly and easily retrieve Dien plans and event registration, know current events or watch also photos of our actions. Just have a look!


Messdiener St. Georg Vreden 2017

Download Messdiener St. Georg Vreden APK for Android

Messdiener St. Georg Vreden 2.2 screenshot

Messdiener St. Georg Vreden screenshot 0Messdiener St. Georg Vreden screenshot 1

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Zillow Rental Manager Latest Version APK for Android

Zillow Rental Manager apk
Zillow Rental Manager apk

Post to Zillow, Trulia, HotPads and other top rental site — for free!. Zillow Rental Manager is offered by Zillow. Last Updated: December 08, 2016

List your rental house, townhome, condo or apartment for free on Zillow, Trulia and HotPads-the largest rental network on the web-and on our partner sites. Landlords and property managers of houses and rentals in buildings with fewer than 50 units use Zillow Rental Manager to find great tenants.

Key Features:
• Add, edit or expire your rental listings
• Easily create a new rental listing
• Determine your rent price
• Add unlimited photos
• Record a video walkthrough
• Receive notifications as soon as a renter asks about your property
• Get verifiable information about your applicant upfront, such as income and credit score

What’s New

Postlets is now Zillow Rental Manager! Now we’ll let you know when your listing goes live on Zillow, Trulia and Hotpads and you can also view and reply to leads from within the app.


Zillow Rental Manager 2017

Download Zillow Rental Manager

Download Zillow Rental Manager APK

Zillow Rental Manager for Android

Download Zillow Rental Manager for Android

Download Zillow Rental Manager APK for Android

Zillow Rental Manager screenshot

Zillow Rental Manager screenshot 0Zillow Rental Manager screenshot 1Zillow Rental Manager screenshot 2Zillow Rental Manager screenshot 3Zillow Rental Manager screenshot 4

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Pubblica amministrazione CED Latest Version APK for Android

download Pubblica amministrazione CED apk
download Pubblica amministrazione CED apk

Public Administration docket. Paycheck notification on your smartphone. Pubblica amministrazione CED is offered by BigBoss Software. Last Updated: December 08, 2016. Current Version: 3.7

The app “Public Administration” allows you to quickly look up the salary slips with just one click. The app is aimed at all public servants who wish to access easily to your salary slip (payslip). The App simplifies access to the service offered by NOIPA.
The Public Administration app allows you to:

– To display the list of the amounts of all the slips of your salary (payroll);
– Viewing the pdf of your coupon directly on your smartphone;
– The receipt of the notification of the arrival of an amount;
– The receipt of the notification of the arrival of pdf docket;
– Donwload the PDF format. This is done automaticamenta on the first display of the coupon. The pdf CedoliniDownload are saved in the internal memory of your device.

It is recommended to install the google play the free Adobe Reader.

The app Public administration is an easy way to access information on the slips of their salary on the site NOIPA
The application does not add or edit any content. The security of your data is guaranteed by the use of passwords on the same site. The app public administration is not responsible for the accuracy of the data. Any incorrect value should be communicated directly to the site NOIPA

This app is only valid for users of public administration. Please check our website for more information NOIPA

What’s New

Update 1.4

– Optimized handling notifications

– Correct display of the amounts

Update version 1.3

– Correct the fault slips on downloading the same month

Update version 1.2

– Fixed crash on rotation

– Improved handling of notifications


Pubblica amministrazione CED APK

Download Pubblica amministrazione CED

Download Pubblica amministrazione CED APK

Pubblica amministrazione CED for Android

Download Pubblica amministrazione CED for Android

Download Pubblica amministrazione CED APK for Android

Pubblica amministrazione CED 3.7 screenshot

Pubblica amministrazione CED screenshot 0Pubblica amministrazione CED screenshot 1Pubblica amministrazione CED screenshot 2

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Toi Driver Latest Version APK for Android

Toi Driver download
Toi Driver download

Application for quick and easy retrieval services for the event. Toi Driver is offered by pandamobilekz. Last Updated: December 08, 2016. Current Version: 3.2.0

Free System for quick and easy retrieval of various services for the event. A distinctive feature of the application is that the customer service itself has a cost and has a direct access to the performer without any intermediaries in the face event managers and event agencies. That driver includes all kinds of search services and the rental of necessary equipment for the event.

What’s New

Улучшена производительность приложения и исправлены мелкие баги


Toi Driver 2017

Download Toi Driver APK

Toi Driver for Android

Download Toi Driver for Android

Download Toi Driver APK for Android

Toi Driver 3.2.0 screenshot

Toi Driver screenshot 0Toi Driver screenshot 1Toi Driver screenshot 2Toi Driver screenshot 3Toi Driver screenshot 4

Toi Driver apk video

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Mini Flashlight – LED Latest Version APK for Android

Mini Flashlight - LED download
Mini Flashlight – LED download

A free flashlight app, unique call flashing alerts. open it, light up your night. Mini Flashlight – LED is offered by MiniCleaner. Last Updated: December 08, 2016. Current Version: 1.27

Mini Flashlight is a flashlight app with multiple features. Well-designed lighthouse and The unique feature of flashing LED reminder for calls is cool and practical, making you special in any random crowd.

It’s more than just a flashlight app.
It is the combination of safety, stability and accessibility, which is very battery-friendly, with amount of LED flashlight modes & skins for customization.

Mini Flashlight – the Mini flashlight in the market, is now compatible with more than 3000 android devices!

Multiple LED light
Swipe to change the strobe light

Flashing LED for calls
Customized LED reminder for incoming calls

LED SOS for emergency
LED SOS can be quickly started by simply setting

For more interesting LED features, please stay tuned for the future version of More Flashlight App !

❤ Contact
Feel free to contact us if you have any problems or suggestions.

Latest Updates

1.Inprove performance

—–more wallpaper coming soon——


Mini Flashlight – LED 2017

Mini Flashlight – LED 1.27 screenshot

Mini Flashlight - LED screenshot 0Mini Flashlight - LED screenshot 1Mini Flashlight - LED screenshot 2Mini Flashlight - LED screenshot 3

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ABK Sök bostad Latest Version APK for Android

download ABK Sök bostad apk
download ABK Sök bostad apk

See ABKs vacant apartments, making interest and receive offers. ABK Sök bostad is offered by Vitec Fastighetssystem AB. Last Updated: December 08, 2016. Current Version: 1.2.0

Here you can see ABKs vacant apartments and make interest. You can also receive offers and answer them.

To use this service you need to have an account on ABKs website.

What’s New

Man behöver inte längre logga in för att se lediga objekt.

Stöd för etapper

Mer information om objekt: Våningsplan, objektnummer och lägenhetsnummer. Informationsmängden anpassas också efter skärmstorleken.

Ny animerad ikon för laddning.


ABK Sök bostad 2017

Download ABK Sök bostad APK

ABK Sök bostad for Android

Download ABK Sök bostad for Android

Download ABK Sök bostad APK for Android

ABK Sök bostad 1.2.0 screenshot

ABK Sök bostad screenshot 0ABK Sök bostad screenshot 1ABK Sök bostad screenshot 2ABK Sök bostad screenshot 3ABK Sök bostad screenshot 4ABK Sök bostad screenshot 5

See detail information and download apk file:

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Twixl Viewer Classic Latest Version APK for Android

Twixl Viewer Classic download
Twixl Viewer Classic download

The preview app for Twixl Publisher. Twixl Viewer Classic is offered by Twixl media. Last Updated: December 08, 2016. Current Version: 5.1.3

The Twixl Viewer allows you to preview interactive and enriched content created on your computer with Adobe InDesign® CS6/CC and the Twixl Publisher plug-in. After creating a publication, a designer can push the content to this app from the Twixl Publisher plug-in.

How it works:
When you have created an interactive publication using InDesign and the Twixl Publisher plug-in, the “Preview on device” option in the plug-in allows you to generate a preview of your publication, and send it to an iPad connected to the local network. Open this “Twixl Viewer” app on your device, then enter the IP address listed in the top right corner of the app window in the Preview Settings of the Twixl Publisher Palette.

You can upload up to four different designs.

Support Url:

Marketing URL :

2010-2015 Twixl media, an SHpartners bvba trademark. All rights reserved.

Latest Updates

Update for Twixl Publisher 5.1.3


Twixl Viewer Classic 2017

Download Twixl Viewer Classic for Android

Download Twixl Viewer Classic APK for Android

Twixl Viewer Classic 5.1.3 screenshot

Twixl Viewer Classic screenshot 0Twixl Viewer Classic screenshot 1Twixl Viewer Classic screenshot 2Twixl Viewer Classic screenshot 3Twixl Viewer Classic screenshot 4Twixl Viewer Classic screenshot 5Twixl Viewer Classic screenshot 6Twixl Viewer Classic screenshot 7Twixl Viewer Classic screenshot 8Twixl Viewer Classic screenshot 9Twixl Viewer Classic screenshot 10Twixl Viewer Classic screenshot 11

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uFollowit – Mobile Workforce Latest Version APK for Android

download uFollowit - Mobile Workforce apk
download uFollowit – Mobile Workforce apk

Tracking,Proof of Delivery,Signature,Document,Capture,Delivery,Scan,Workflow,POD. uFollowit – Mobile Workforce is offered by uFollowit, Inc.. Last Updated: December 08, 2016. Current Version: 7.9.7

uFollowit extends corporate communications to your mobile force; truck drivers, service techs, warehouse, outdoor and delivery personnel. All third parties are now incorporated into the logistics network. Our service is fully integrated with leading image systems, EDI tendering and electronic invoicing systems. Take advantage of your workforce’s use of smartphones and tablets with customizable business critical events and seamless integration to your existing workflow or imaging system. With our app at your fingertips, you can produce real-time location based events / transactions, with data validation, proof of delivery with signature capture; you can also capture and forward all service related documentation for immediate reference by all parties who need it.

PLEASE NOTE: You must have a valid uFollowit client ID and complete device profile in order to use the advanced features of full integration with your TMS, WMS, ERP, or imaging system. Call (800) 256-6414 to obtain your credentials today.

After registration, you must enter at a minimum: a route, trip or order number. This will allow all related events and documents to be batched together for further processing and workflow integration. The service can instantly: notify all stakeholders at the time of service execution; provide automatic in-transit statuses including capturing data and distributing service completion location. Additional information can be captured with events that contain pre-defined lists, open text fields and barcode scanning with validation of data, this provides real time capture of location based transactions like the consignee or client name, number of pallets or boxes, signature and other related documents.

For those needing a customized / branded configuration, the application can dynamically change colors, display company logos and provide selection fields with pre-loaded options, document and event lists based on your unique needs. For the transportation industry, the document list includes: Bill of Lading, Driver Logs, Scale Ticket, Fuel/Expense receipts, ‘Lumper’ fees or photos of damaged freight, just to name a few and the Events include Pick Up, Delivery, Start / Stop Detention Time, Report a Delay etc… If you have a unique need, call us and we’ll discuss how to make this powerful and infinitely flexible application work for you.

All document images are scored and programmatically reviewed on the phone for quality. You can load images directly from your phone’s camera roll or send and receive forms to your unique mobile device. The use of tools like the uScanit Clipbox, provide a stable environment for consistent quality document photos. It’s the best of all worlds – the predictability of a traditionally scanned document with the convenience of an “always on” device without any need for a laptop or an additional data plan!

Users can download forms, view and sign eDocs specific to their company for automatic forwarding or manual printing via Android compatible printer/scanners. Once all the documents are captured, cropped and saved, these documents are batched and automatically forwarded to your back office system(s) via email or custom API/FTP/Web Services integration. The user can also review and forward them to other interested parties via email from the Document History page from within the application.

The possibilities are truly endless, and the customization options are many. Contact us today to learn more about a custom configuration. We’re confident that we can help make you more efficient and profitable by using the power of the mobile device in your hand.

PLEASE NOTE: Continued use of the optional background Auto-Status / GPS feature built into this application can dramatically decrease battery life.

As always, we want to hear from you – contact us and provide us feedback either by phone (800) 256- 6414 or by email:

Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business.

What’s New

7.9.7 – Cropping fix for devices running OS 7.1+

7.9.6 – Fixes for device specific errors reported to Google Play

7.9.4 – Fixes for device specific errors reported to Google Play when sending documents

7.9.3 – Added stop specific events, better image compression, fixed misc. bugs and crashes for specific devices reported to Google Play

7.9.2 – Updated layout on the delivery screen

7.9.1 – Fix for occasional queue screen error

7.9 – Updated queue screen


uFollowit – Mobile Workforce APK

Download uFollowit – Mobile Workforce

Download uFollowit – Mobile Workforce APK

uFollowit – Mobile Workforce for Android

Download uFollowit – Mobile Workforce for Android

Download uFollowit – Mobile Workforce APK for Android

uFollowit – Mobile Workforce 7.9.7 screenshot

uFollowit - Mobile Workforce screenshot 0uFollowit - Mobile Workforce screenshot 1uFollowit - Mobile Workforce screenshot 2uFollowit - Mobile Workforce screenshot 3uFollowit - Mobile Workforce screenshot 4uFollowit - Mobile Workforce screenshot 5uFollowit - Mobile Workforce screenshot 6uFollowit - Mobile Workforce screenshot 7uFollowit - Mobile Workforce screenshot 8uFollowit - Mobile Workforce screenshot 9uFollowit - Mobile Workforce screenshot 10uFollowit - Mobile Workforce screenshot 11uFollowit - Mobile Workforce screenshot 12uFollowit - Mobile Workforce screenshot 13uFollowit - Mobile Workforce screenshot 14uFollowit - Mobile Workforce screenshot 15

uFollowit – Mobile Workforce apk video

Detail information:

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Voluum Latest Version APK for Android

Voluum download
Voluum download

Get quick access to your stats with The Voluum app. Voluum is offered by Codewise. Last Updated: December 07, 2016. Current Version: 2.1.5

Voluum is the first affiliate tracking software that has a dedicated app for viewing stats. It is designed to give you a quick, clear, read-only overview of your campaign statistics.

Down the road, we will be adding push notifications to inform you when a campaign requires your attention.

We’ve developed the app based on your feedback. Please send us any and all comments so we can continue to improve the app as time goes on.

Latest Updates

– Small bug fixes and improvements


Voluum APK

Download Voluum

Download Voluum APK

Voluum for Android

Download Voluum for Android

Download Voluum APK for Android

Voluum 2.1.5 screenshot

Voluum screenshot 0Voluum screenshot 1Voluum screenshot 2Voluum screenshot 3Voluum screenshot 4Voluum screenshot 5Voluum screenshot 6Voluum screenshot 7

Voluum apk video

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Emb3D Latest Version APK for Android

Emb3D apk
Emb3D apk

Emb3D is a high-performance 3D model viewer featuring several rendering options. Emb3D is offered by Transform and Lighting S.r.l.. Last Updated: December 07, 2016. Current Version: 1.1.4

Emb3D is high-performance 3D model viewer featuring several rendering options and an intuitive gesture interface.

Built by MeshLab developers with efficiency and usability in mind for modellers, architects, designers, and artists, Emb3D lets you show off your creations with a smooth and pleasant experience.

Emb3D features the brand new Unlimit3D Technology, thanks to which hi-poly 3D models with tens of millions of triangles and per-vertex color can be rendered at full resolution on mobile devices. And with the new ZBrush-like MatCap material, modelers can get the feel of professional desktop and workstation tools, enjoying a smooth interactive experience even with movie production assets.

The 3D viewer also features:

– native support for fully textured models with ambient, diffuse, specular, and normal maps;
– an intuitive multitouch gesture interface to let the user inspect every part of the model with high accuracy and precision;
– several rendering styles like wireframe and transparent x-ray;
– support for multiple file formats from the gaming to the 3D printing industry like PLY, STL, OBJ, COLLADA (DAE), and zip archives;
– in-app screenshot sharing.

Designed for smartphones and tablets, Emb3D lets you open your 3D models directly from e-mail attachments, Dropbox, WhatsApp messages, and much more.

Download Emb3D and start your real time 3D experience today!

Latest Updates

Bring production-level models to your mobile! Emb3D now features the brand new Unlimit3D Technology, thanks to which hi-poly 3D models with tens of millions of triangles and per-vertex color can be rendered at full resolution on mobile devices.

This version further enhances Unlimit3D performances.



Download Emb3D

Download Emb3D APK

Emb3D for Android

Download Emb3D for Android

Download Emb3D APK for Android

Emb3D 1.1.4 screenshot

Emb3D screenshot 0Emb3D screenshot 1Emb3D screenshot 2Emb3D screenshot 3Emb3D screenshot 4Emb3D screenshot 5Emb3D screenshot 6Emb3D screenshot 7Emb3D screenshot 8Emb3D screenshot 9

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